Affinity Web Service

Delivering Faculty Interests & Badges

Version History

Affinity 1.0.2 Release Date: 10/23/18

  1. Update the landing pages to include the latest version of Metaphor.

Affinity 1.0.1 Release Date: 02/06/18

  1. Upgrade the underlying code base to the latest version.
  2. HTTPS is now enforced through code.

Affinity 1.0.0 Release Date: 10/04/17

New Features:
  1. Ability to retrieve a person's interests: research, academic and personal.
  2. Ability to retrieve all recipients of a specific badge.
  3. Ability to check if an individual has a specific badge.
  1. More meaningful error messages.

Affinity Beta Release Date: 06/12/17

Initial Release for Badges portion that is implemented in Faculty
New Features:
  1. Ability to retrieve an individuals awarded badges.